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Every family and its members are unique head to toe, which is why families in the Bonita Springs community deserve unique, individualized healthcare. Mother Goose Chiropractic provides that and more for families with kids who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD, or other sensory processing disorders.

Dr. Dane Cunningham was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, giving him a unique perspective and passion for a specialized approach. His techniques give kids' bodies the chance to balance themselves from the inside out. Through gentle, chiropractic care for your family, our team will work to improve body function and give your kiddos the confidence they need to face the day. 

Designed with your child in mind, our chiropractic care for kids helps the brain and body better adapt
to their environment which is why we see improvement at home, in school, and beyond! There is no limit to your child's potential with a clear connection.


Give Your Child The Confidence Boost They Need 

Families looking for answers often come up short in today’s healthcare world. They’re typically met with more questions than answers and more prescriptions than health. At Mother Goose Chiropractic, we deliver natural care that gets to the bottom of things without masking the real problem.

*We do not "treat" ADHD, Sensory Processing, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, since these diagnoses appear as neurological disorders and chiropractic care helps address nervous system imbalances, many parents have found pediatric chiropractic care helpful, even miraculous. Improved secondary health outcomes from chiropractic care are well documented in the research and peer-reviewed literature. 

ADHD/ASD/Sensory Processing

Kids under our care often experience:



Chiropractic care delivers mental clarity and boosts better brain function

Improved Immunity

Help your child kick the sick - chronic colds, allergies and more!

Boosted Mood

Chiropractic care creates a clear pathway from body to brain allowing a child to express less irritability

Enhanced Sleep

The struggle to sleep
is often improved with
removal of nervous system interference

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