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We love celebrating health milestones with our families. We're passionate about the quality care and connections we get to make day after day. Below are just some of the amazing breakthrough stories from families who have had a positive experience with our natural chiropractic care. Often, families see us only after they’ve tried everything else. We want to spread the word that chiropractic care can be the go-to for you and your whole family’s health and wellness needs. 

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Dylan, Chronic Colds

Now Dylan is happy,

healthy, and thriving.

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Healthy Chiropractic Pediatrics

Vanessa,Suppressed Immune System

Now she's healthy, having fewer meltdowns and sleeping better too!

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He's in control of his emotions and even got “Student of the Week!”

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When Dylan came to us he was struggling with double ear infections, chronic colds, and a cough that wouldn’t quit! Mom and dad were worried and told us they were looking for answers beyond more antibiotics, steroids, and other medications.
After a comprehensive assessment, we found that Dylan’s system was STRESSED…stuck in a state of fight or flight, that we refer to the ‘GAS pedal mode.’ Sympathetic dominance can weaken the immune system. To address this irritation, we customized a program to restore balance, so his body can focus on growth and development.
Now Dylan is happy, healthy, and thriving. Mom is relieved the chronic cough is gone; Dad is happy he’s sleeping better too. We have helped many children ‘Kick The Sick’, so they can grow, develop, and thrive.
Now Dylan can focus on more important things like being the best older brother he can be!



When this little cutie came to us she was struggling with ear infections and battling strep. She was also constipated, and as a result, wasn’t eating much. This poor girl didn’t want to eat because she couldn’t go! Mom and dad were worried and told us they were looking for better answers than what they had found.
After a comprehensive assessment, we found that her system was STRESSED - stuck in a state of fight or flight we refer to the ‘GAS pedal mode’. Sympathetic dominance can affect both the digestive tract and weaken the immune system. When the brain and the body are Stuck on Stress, digestion slows, and the immune system gets turned down too.
To address this imbalance, we customized a program to calm and reconnect the nervous system, so her body could focus on growth and development.
Now she’s happy, healthy, and thriving. Mom is relieved she’s going to the bathroom regularly and eating better. Dad is happy she’s also having fewer meltdowns and sleeping better too!
We have helped many children with digestion and immune system challenges. Now Vanessa can focus on more important things like friends, family, and school!



When Mikey first came to us he was having meltdowns, trouble getting ready in the morning, and was getting sent home from VPK multiple times a week for behavioral issues. Mom and dad were concerned that if something didn’t improve he would be labeled with ADHD, ODD, or some other disorder soon after starting kindergarten.
After a consultation, and comprehensive assessment, we found Mikey’s system in a state of Stress Stuck ON that we refer to as the 'GAS pedal mode.' He wasn’t focusing and behaving in school because his neurological imbalance was overwhelming his system.
We began a plan to remove stress and interference from his nervous system so his brain could calm, connect, and heal. Just a few short weeks after starting care, Mikey came in shouting, “I got two greens!”
His dad explained to us that it meant a good behavior report back from school.
Now Mikey doesn't struggle with meltdowns any longer, transitions like getting ready for school and bed are a breeze, and school is going great! In fact, Mikey has now received "Student of the Week" twice thanks to his newfound health - something mom and dad never dreamed possible! This #MGCtribe family is thrilled to have their son flourishing.

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